NVDHA President’s Message
Summer Greetings!
As the summer is drawing to a close, I hope everyone was able to enjoy those long and beautiful days with family and friends!
            This past May, I had the pleasure of giving birth to our beautiful and healthy son, Parker. Timing was perfect and it gave me the entire summer to hone my skills as a mother and enjoy spending quality time with this wonderful little guy (sleep deprived of course). One of the things we bought when preparing for his arrival was a set of toy building blocks for him to play with as he gets older.  Building blocks fuel the imagination and will allow him to spend countless hours creating whatever he can dream up; the possibilities are endless. However, in order for these structures to stand tall and secure, each block relies on the foundation of the blocks around it for support. Every block is essential in the structure, if one block is removed from the framework, the structure will lose its stability.  Likewise, every member in our association is essential to the well-being of our profession. All members, regardless of your level of involvement will have an impact on our future. Whether you simply pay your dues, attend CE courses, or even if you decide to volunteer your valuable time to be part of a committee or even hold an office, ultimately it is you, our members, who have made this association a success. 
For those interested in learning more about what it means to be an ADHA member and the many benefits it has to offer, please visit their website ((www.ADHA.org). I hope you will keep supporting our profession and your association by continuing your membership and reaching out to your friends that are non-members and convincing them to join.
We have several exciting courses planned for you this fall, starting with our fall kickoff on September 16th. Please check out our calendar for meeting dates and topics. We also have some spring courses already scheduled, so go ahead and mark those calendars! For more information on our upcoming courses and to register please visit our website www.nvrdh.com. We look forward to seeing you there!
Kind regards,
Dana Lumpkin, RDH
President, NVDHA


Please email nvrdhinfo@gmail.com to update your current contact info.  Remember to let the Board of Dentistry know too.

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